Chinese Horoscope - 2015 Year of the Green Sheep (Part 2)

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2015 Chinese Astrology Prediction 2015 is the Chinese Year of the Green Wooden Sheep WoodSheepFemale woodSheep. It will arrive on February 4, 2015 according to Chinese Astrology Calendar. 2015 Chinese New Year's Day is on February 19, 2015, which is from Chinese Lunar Calendar.

You need to know your Day Master and Lucky Element in your Chinese birth chart first before predicting your fortune regarding to your money, career, marriage or health in 2015,

The article is to predict people fortune in 2015 by the Lucky Element. The prediction by Day Master is here.

     What Will Happen in 2015 by Lucky Element?     

The following table shows people's luck in 2015 based on their Luck Element.

Metal When Lucky Element is Metal

It's fair. Sheep of 2015 contains mainly Earth. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Earth can protect Metal and provide advice for  Metal, which is a good news. Metal and Wood of 2015 are opposite elements; they have fighting relationship. That means 2015 is mixing good and bad year. However, if there is a Male Metal in the Stem of Birth Chart of 10-year Major Cycle, then Male Metal and Female Wood of 2015 have attraction relationship into Metal. In this case, 2015 becomes a pretty good year. Conversely, If there is no Male Metal in the birth, then Metal becomes weak. Metal cannot provide too much help for you in 2015. In this circumstance, you also need to pay attention on your respiratory system, because Metal is connected to lungs.

Water When Lucky Element is Water

It is no good. Wooden Sheep of 2015 contains Earth, Fire and Wood. There is no Water in the 2015 cycle. That means there is no support to your Lucky Element Water. Without stronger Lucky Element, your fortune in 2015 will be just fair. Water is afraid of Earth in 2015. Wood of 2015 is a child element of Water. Water will consume its energy for Wood. When Lucky Element becomes weak, Water can provide only little help to the person. Now, Water is attacked or leaked from both sides - Earth and Wood. Water is related to urinary system. You might have to pay attention to your kidneys and bladder area.

Wood When Lucky Element is Wood

It is very good. 2015 is a Wooden Sheep year. Sheep contains Earth, Fire and Wood. In Chinese astrology, Sheep is a storage room of Wood. That means Wood of 2015 has its root inside the Sheep. Wood becomes strong in 2015 and can bring a big support to Lucky Element Wood. Stronger Wood appearing in 2015 will bring you good fortune more than you expected. If you encounter  troubles, then you will immediately find a helper around. Therefore, you will do well in 2015.

Fire When Lucky Element is Fire

It is excellent. Sheep of 2015 mainly contains Earth. But Sheep also contains Fire. Fire hides inside the Earth of Sheep. So Fire can keep its heat or energy longer. Wood of 2015 is the mother element of Fire. Wood can help Fire to burn longer. Therefore, Fire becomes a strong Fire with the help of Wood. If Lucky Element Fire becomes stronger, then good fortune will come to you in the year of Wooden Sheep.

Earth When Lucky Element is Earth

It is fine. 2015 is Female Wood Sheep year. Sheep contains Female Earth, Female Fire and Female Wood. Wood of 2015 is the career element of Earth. Earth is afraid of Wood. So Sheep brings support to Earth, but the expectation from support becomes the pressure. The first half of 2015 might bring you little job pressure or spiritual displeasure. In the end of summer, you fortune will turn back. The second half of 2015, everything will go your way. It shows bitter in the beginning, but sweet will come after.

     Fortune Variation - Five Elements and Animal Relationships     

2015 is the Female Wood Sheep Year.

Male Metal and Female Wood have a Stem Attraction Relationship into Metal. Therefore, if Metal is your lucky element and you have Male Metal in your birth chart, then 2015 will be your lucky and joyful year. If Male Metal is your Day Master (upper low of the Day Column in the birth chart) and you are a male, then it's possible that a love relationship, engagement or marriage is coming toward you.

Female Metal and Female Wood have a Fighting Relationship. Cow and Sheep have a Fighting Relationship. Both of fighting relationships imply poor social relationships, which makes it hard for these people to find a close friend or love relationship. If you are in love now. then your love relationship could slow down. Having Cow and Sheep fighting relationship, people are easy to get dispute with others and might often suffer the pain from love relationship.

Dog and Sheep together have a Hurting Relationship. If the birth chart and astrological cycle have this relationship, people will easily get frustration and failure results because of arrogant personality. Also, they might mistakenly move into a wrong Feng Shui house.

Rat and Sheep together have a Separation Relationship. This is a poor sign for love relationship. Also, people who encounter this relationship must pay attention on their health. The disease might be caused by virus. People need to watch their lung and liver health

If both Snake and Horse are found in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then Horse, Snake and Sheep form the strongest Fire combination. If your lucky element is Fire, then people will admire your luck in 2015. If Male Fire or Female Fire are also found in birth chart or 10-Year Major Cycle, then 2015 will become one of your best years in your life!

If both Pig, and Rabbit are found in your birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then Sheep, Pig and Rabbit form another powerful Wood combination. If your lucky element is Wood, then 2015 will bring you a big surprise and you will remember it for your entire life. If Male Wood is also found in birth chart or 10-Year Major Cycle, then people will see their great achievement in 2015. This also implies you will have very good people and/or love relationship.

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     What Will Happen in 2015 by Day Master?     

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