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Chinese Astrology . Baby Born in the Year of the Sheep

2015 Baby SheepMany Chinese young couples tried desperately to conceive in April, 2014, because they want to have a baby before the year of the Sheep comes. 2014 is the year of the Horse. 2015 is the year of the Sheep. They simply prefer to have a bay born in the year of the Horse, rather than in the year of the Sheep or Goat. February 19, 2015 the Chinese New Year Day of the Sheep year. According to Chinese astrology, the first day of the Sheep year is actually on February 4, 2015. That is why Chinese young women raced against time for a pregnancy before or in May, 2014 to make sure they can deliver a Horse baby.

Why don't Chinese want their children born in year of Sheep? This superstition comes from the Chinese Zodiacs. Each of twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac has it virtues and faults. The most favorite animals to Chinese are Dragon, Horse and Tiger. Dragon is a symbol of the emperor. Horse is a symbol of speedy success. Tiger is the king of animal. They are connected to the leadership. Babies born in Dragon, Horse and Tiger have better chance to have an outstanding achievement in their careers.

Sheep is a timid, gentle and shy animal. The negative characteristics of Sheep in Chinese Astrology are tender, passive, moody and  indecisive. That implies people born in the Sheep year have less courage to express their opinion and emotion openly. They tend to run away from problem instead of facing and fixing it. They might become a scapegoat someday. Sheep is a sign of the follower. Horse is the best runner on the ground. Horse is a sign of the leader. That is why Chinese parents prefer a Horse baby, instead of a Sheep baby.

Actually, our Chinese Astrology birth chart is built by the birth year, birth month, birthday and birth hour. You can find your Chinese astrology birth chart from the page of The Secret of Your Life. The birth year animal is only a part of you. In fact, the animal really represents you is the one from the birthday.

Astrology Birth Chart Born in 2015 of Sheep Year

The above Chinese astrology birth chat is for a bay born on June 10, 2015. The baby is born in year of the Sheep. In Chinese Astrology, the Day Column presents the person. Therefore, the baby is Red Fire Snake. It has more Snake's characteristics than Sheep's characteristics. Snake is in the Fire group. Fire is very strong in the birth chart. This baby has very strong personality. It doesn't show negative characteristics of Sheep at all.

The foundation of Chinese Astrology is the Yin Yang Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. There are five different Sheep in the Chinese Astrology. They are White Metal Sheep, Black Water Sheep, Green Wood Sheep, Red Fire Sheep and Brown Earth Sheep. According to Chinese Astrology, Sheep contains Earth, Wood and Fire. That implies Wood Sheep, Fire Sheep and Earth Sheep are strong Sheep. They have stronger personality. They are not meek or shy; they might be the leader of the group.

People born in the Year of Sheep might have Sheep characteristics in the childhood. Later, they just wear a sheepskin coat and act the animal personalities at Day Column. A baby was born on a Sheep Day will have more Sheep characteristics more than born in a Sheep Year.

The birth year cannot determines people's career, wealth, fame and marriage. There is no reason to believe the sheep superstitions. To prediction people's fortune needs to study the entire astrology birth chart, not only by the animal in the birth year. When analyzing the Chinese astrology birth chart, we mainly study the relationships between Five Elements, not by zodiac animals.

Celebrities Born in Sheep Years

Mick Jagger and Barry Manilow were born in 1943, year of Water Sheep.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Bruce Wills were born in 1955, year of Wood Sheep.

Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Vin Diesel were born in 1967, year of Fire Sheep.

Kate Hudson and Jennifer Love Hewitt were born in 1979, year of Earth Sheep.

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