2016 Chinese Zodiacs – Monkey Year

MonkeyKing-BigChinese New Year Day of 2016 is on February 8, 2016. 2016 is the 4713rd Chinese Year, which is the Bing Shen year in the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar. Shen is connected the Monkey in the Chinese Horoscopes. Bing is Male Fire, which is connected to the Sun. The color of Fire is connected to Red. Therefore, 2016 is the year of Red Fire Monkey.

Monkey is a smart, wily, creative, irritating and impatient animal. It likes new discovery, adventure, fashion and limelight. Monkey is a curious animal with ambitious. It likes to pursue the power, performance, knack, challenge and vanity. It’s used to take impromptu and immature actions.

The following prediction for 2016 Year of Monkey is based on your birth year, the Chinese zodiac signs. If you don’t know your Chinese Animal Sign, then you can provide your birthday to get the 2016 Complete Prediction.


2016 Chinese Astrology – Red Monkey

Monkey4-1802016 Chinese New Year Day is on February 8, 2016 in China Standard Time. Chinese New Year Day is the new moon day of the first lunar month. The new moon time of the first lunar month is at 20:40 p.m. of February 8, 2016 in China Standard Time.

2016 is Year of the Monkey. The first day of Monkey Year arrive on February 4, 2016 in China Standard Time. This day is not the Chinese New Year Day. The first day of Chinese astrology year is Start of Spring, the first day of the Tiger month. Year of 2016 is Fire Monkey. Because Fire is connected to the color of Red. Therefore, 2016 is the Year of Red Fire Monkey.

The first step to know your fortune is to know which elements and animals are in your birth chart. You can find that information from the Chinese Astrology Lucky Element page using your birthday and birth time.

When You (Day Master) are Metal

2016 is Male Fire Monkey year. Fire of 2016 represents your job, career, boss, police or law. Your behaviors or activities will encounter some restrictions. Or your work at company will bring you some pressures. But you should be able to handle the challenge because of Monkey. 2106 should be a year of career opportunity to you.

If your Day Master is the Female Metal, then Day Master and Male Fire of 2016 have Attraction Relationship into Water. People relationship will be good. The reputation related events will automatically come toward you in 2016. If you are a female, that is also a good sign of the love relationship. More..

When You (Day Master) are Water

2016 is Male Fire Monkey year. Fire of 2016 represents money or wealth to you. Therefore a money event will appear in 2016. If you have strong Water in your birth chart, then you will have very good money luck. You will receive financial assistance from your friends or relatives. You should have a good chance to increase your income, investments and wealth. But if you have a weak Water in the birth chart, then you will feel pressure related to money soon or later.

If you are male, the Fire of 2016 also represent girls to you. If you are a single male, then you have good opportunity to meet potential girls during the first half of 2016. More..

When You (Day Master) are Wood

2016 is Male Fire Monkey year. Fire is the child element of Wood. Fire of 2016 represents your outlook, performance, speech, behavior, freedom or expression. That means 2016 is the time to stand up to show yourself to others. Your social life will become a little bit busier. If you become popular, people will know you better. Therefore, Wood also relates to your fame or reputation. If people appreciate your mannerisms, then you should earn a good reputation. If people don’t like your ways, then people will give you a negative reputation.

Monkey of 2016 also contains mainly Metal, which presents the career, pressure or law. If you have strong Wood in your birth chart, then both of your money and career luck will be great in 2016. If Wood is too weak in your birth chart and cannot face the challenge from pressures of money and career, then bad health might come after. If people cannot properly manage money, then there is a chance to encounter a lawsuit because of money. More..

When You (Day Master) are Fire

2016 is Fire Monkey year. Fire of 2016 represents your friends, siblings, or same generation relatives. That implies you will keep in touch with them. Your social activities will increase. Friends or relatives together could involve the money. If your Fire is strong in the birth chart, then your relatives or friends will bring money trouble to you. You should keep the distance with them when talking about the big return risky investment. But if your Fire is weak, then they will help you to find the earning money opportunity.

The main element of Monkey is Metal. Metal represents your money, finance or wealth. Monkey also contains Water, which stands for your job, career, pressure and law. Therefore, your job and income are tied together.  If your Day Master Fire is strong, then you will feel more responsibilities and opportunities at work and your income will increase. Bit if your Day Master Fire is weak, then you will have trouble to fight with your career and money. That means career and money bring you pressures. You feel too much workload or troubles at work and feel short of money often. However, it shouldn’t be too bad, because Fire of 2016 is related to your friends and they will help you when you are in trouble. More..

When You (Day Master) are Earth

2016 is Fire Monkey year. Fire of 2016 represents your parents, mentors, elders, protection, knowledge, education or medicine.  You will regularly contact your parents or persons who care you. Or you will spend more time learning. Or you will pay attention to your health. Or you are planning to buy a valuable property. Or you feel lots of support and help at work.

Monkey contains mainly Metal. Metal represents your outlook, performance, expression or behavior to people. That means you should have an opportunity to perform and show off. If your birth chart already contains lots of Metal, then people around you will criticize you talking too much. If your birth chart only has little Metal, people will listen when you talk and send you compliments. Either way, you will feel relaxed, free, and joyful.  More…